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Returning to Work After a Career Break? This list can Find You a Job

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Going back to work after a long career break for any reason can be difficult. We prepared a list of organisations to ease returners to find a flexible job.


Global smart matching RecTech platform for people & companies who believe in SmartWorking (flexible, co-working, hybrid & remote working options).

Women ReBOOT

Women ReBOOT is an award-winning national tech sector initiative for experienced and qualified ICT women who have taken a career break and and now want to reignite their Tech career.

Vodafone ReConnect

We know that returning to work after a career break can be daunting. Reconnect is an opportunity for you to join one of the leading companies in the world at your own pace. You will have a real job with responsibilities from the start but with lots of support in first six months, including flexible working options.

Previous ReConnects took fulfilling roles across our business. From Project Managers in Technology, to HR Business Partners, to Marketing Managers in the Consumer and Business to Business divisions, we have enabled talented men and women to work and contribute to the success at Vodafone.


Workjuggle connects highly skilled professionals with flexible work, contract work, part time roles or remote working.

Accenture ReSume

Accenture recognises that even the most-talented professionals can find it daunting to return to work after taking a career break. ReSUME is a 4-month, competitively-paid work placement to empower professionals who have taken a minimum 2-year career break. The ReSUME Programme is perfect for professionals that want to resume their careers after taking some time out to travel, do something for themselves or be at home with their family.


Employmum is a flexible recruitment agency - matching clients with flexible roles: part time/job sharing/remote/flexi hours to professionals.

Women Returners Professional Network

Maternity/Paternity Coaching

Maternity coaching is about working towards transitioning successfully back to the workplace after having a baby, in a way that ensures women are empowered, motivated, conscious of their choices and clear on their action plan both at home and at work. Sarah partner with employers to provide maternity coaching services to their female staff before,during and after maternity leave. Maternity coaching provides women with an external,independent and confidential outlet where they can articulate their goals and/or concerns and formulate an action plan to move forward.

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