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Family, Authenticity and Connection: Quitting My Job to Care for My Dad is My Proudest Moment

Liliane, if we take the time back to your childhood, growing up, what did you want to do in your career?

My favourite game growing up was pretending to be a teacher. Until I was 16, I aspired to be one, but my mother persuaded me to pursue a business degree instead, as teaching in Gabon doesn't offer a decent salary. Consequently, I ended up working in Tech Sales for nearly 20 years.

Liliane, you lived in 5 different countries. What countries are they? What did those places add to who you are today?

I have lived in Gabon (where I grew up), France, Canada, the United States, Ireland, and Switzerland. Growing up in Africa and now living in Ireland has instilled in me strong values of family, authenticity, and connection. Additionally, my time in North America has given me the audacity to try new things and believe in myself more.

How did you get into the tech industry? You experienced being the only woman and sometimes the only black woman in the sales teams.

I entered the tech industry because my boyfriend at the time worked for Oracle and constantly shared his experiences and learnings with me. Overall, working from Dublin was always nice.

However, I'll never forget a foundation training in America that lasted an entire week. It was a sales training where we had to work in groups. One man in the group completely ignored me, refusing to acknowledge my ideas or involve me in task division. That week was one of the most horrible experiences of my career. It crushed my confidence, made me feel excluded, and what hurt the most was that others around me pretended not to notice what was happening.

You have a lot of achievements in life ! What was your proudest moment in your life?

When I look back, quitting my job to care for my dad when he was really sick is my proudest achievement.

It was my way of giving back to the person who gave me so much.

Your approach to coaching in a holistic way ,with mind, body and soul. Has this always been a priority for you in your life?

It wasn't always this way. It was only in my late thirties, about ten years ago, when my father was sick, that I experienced a turning point. We humans tend to look outward for solutions when everything we need is within us. The foods we eat significantly impact our physical and mental well-being. My passion is to create awareness so we can all embrace our potential.

If you were to give one piece of advice to our readers, what would that be?

As Oscar Wilde said, "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

How can our readers find you?

They can email me:


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