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TechFoundHer is Back with a Bootcamp

Date: Tuesday 16th April

Venue: Dublin City Hall on Dame Street 

Time: From 10.00AM until 3.30PM (with registration from 9AM)

Register: here

Who it’s for: Women founders and future founders, women in tech, allies and ecosystem supporters

Join trailblazing women tech founders from across the island of Ireland alongside future and early stage founders and funders. It is a high energy mix of lightning talks, demos, insights on tech trends and practical tips on how to harness the latest tech for product innovation. We believe you don’t have to be a coder to innovate with tech and the ‘low code no code’ revolution makes creating tech products more accessible than ever. We believe women need to be at the forefront of the  AI revolution -  building products and leading the conversation.


Amazing speakers are confirmed including Áine Kerr (Entrepreneur and Broadcaster) and Shana Chu (Experienced CTO and Engineering Leader) as well as new female founders from diverse tech startups. The goal of the TechFoundHer Bootcamp is to support entrepreneurial  particularly from non-tech backgrounds who are creating or want to create a tech product or platform.

The TechFoundHer Bootcamp is an inclusive, interactive, social gathering with a mix of participative workshops, Q&A panels and speakers. The aim is to support female founders to become more tech product savvy and equip them with industry know-how to more confidently move forwards with their tech product or service idea.   

TechFoundHer is a growing network of women tech founders, funders, allies and startup support organisations on a mission - to unlock the potential of women to start and lead tech companies for the benefit of the economy, society and the world.

All female founders, students and women with an idea for a product or service are invited to come along on the day to learn about: 

  • low code/ no code prototypes 

  • how to avoid pitfalls working with coders 

  • real stories from inspirational female founders 

and of course network with others on the startup journey.

Full event details are on the event page: 


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