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Recent Women in Tech Leadership Researches to Read

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

We chose the the most recent Women in Tech Leadership researches you must read to support and leverage women's representation in tech leadership globally.

  1. "Women in Technology Leadership 2021" report by KPMG, which surveyed over 900 technology executives across 12 countries to explore the progress of gender diversity and inclusion in the technology industry.

  2. "Women in Leadership 2021" report by McKinsey & Company, which analyzed data from over 1,000 companies across 15 countries to understand the representation of women in leadership positions and the barriers they face.

  3. "The Tipping Point for Women's Leadership in Tech" report by Accenture, which surveyed over 22,000 employees in the technology industry to understand the factors that enable or hinder women's career advancement in tech.

  4. "State of European Tech 2021" report by Atomico, which surveyed over 5,000 individuals in the European tech ecosystem to explore the progress of gender diversity and inclusion in the European tech industry.

  5. "Gender Diversity in the Tech Industry" report by Honeypot, which surveyed over 1,000 individuals in the tech industry to understand the experiences of women and non-binary individuals in the tech industry.

  6. "Women in IT Scorecard" report by BCS, which provides a detailed analysis of the representation of women in the UK IT workforce and leadership roles.

  7. "Women in Tech Index 2021" report by TrustRadius, which ranks countries based on the representation of women in the tech workforce and leadership positions.

  8. "Women in Tech Report 2021" by Hired, which provides insights into the experiences of women in the tech industry, including salary disparities and barriers to career advancement.


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