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3 Steps to Increase Women in Leadership

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Dublin South FM’s successful business program “The Business Eye” by Joe Dalton and Stephan Murtagh The Exhibition Guy hosted the founder and CEO of Furkan Karayel and the founder of Cathy Soraghan last Friday.

Dublin South FM Business Eye Program discussed diversity and inclusion issues.

Diversity and inclusion issues, women in leadership, Ireland’s diversity progress were discussed over an hour as well as the current food system that Soraghan claimed to be broken.

Karayel and Soraghan both guests gave examples from different sectors, stating the progress for diversity and inclusion in the workplaces is still very slow.

On the other hand, Dalton mentioned about his school years where there was no cultural diversity in the classrooms in the North of Dublin.

By the end of the program, Karayel suggested 3 steps to increase women in leadership.

1- Empowering and supporting women in their abilities and skills as many underestimate themselves due to social factors.

2- Sustainable mentorship from women to women.

3- Building an inclusive environment where men are allies and women’s ideas are considered equally.

According to Dice’s 2017 report, 62 % of women in tech say their ideas are ignored in meetings—until a man repeats them.

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