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Top 5 Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Trends and Definitions of Recent Years

We often talk about diversity and inclusion in media, in organisations and in societies. Here are the five new trends and definitions that have been discussed in recent years in conjunction with diversity and inclusion:

  1. Intersectionality: This is the idea that individuals have multiple identities, and that those identities intersect and affect their experiences. It's important to consider how different identities such as race, gender, sexuality, and ability intersect and how they can impact people differently.

  2. Allyship: This refers to individuals who support marginalized groups and actively work to dismantle systemic inequalities. Allyship involves listening, learning, and taking action to support marginalized communities.

  3. Microaggressions: These are subtle, often unintentional comments or actions that communicate negative messages to individuals from marginalized groups. It's important to recognize and address microaggressions in order to create an inclusive environment.

  4. Inclusive language: Using language that is respectful and inclusive of all individuals, regardless of their identities. This includes using gender-neutral language and avoiding language that is potentially offensive or exclusionary.

  5. Anti-racism: This is the idea that individuals and organizations must actively work to dismantle systemic racism, rather than simply not being racist. This involves examining and addressing biases and actively working towards creating equity for all individuals.

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