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Our new Diversity & Inclusion Technical Manager Anna Kajino

🥁🥁🥁 Attention please ! 🥁🥁🥁

We are absolutely delighted to welcome the amazing Anna Kajino to our lovely team as' s new Diversity & Inclusion Technical Manager!

Our team is stronger with you ! 

Cead mile failte Anna !

Anna Kajino is a certified intercultural trainer specialising in bias reduction, experiential learning, and the development of research-based resources to promote inclusive socio-economic development. Over seven years in the aid sector across Central and Southeast Asia, North, and West Africa, she led programs to support disadvantaged individuals and communities such as victims of armed conflict, displaced persons, persons with disabilities, those affected by neglected tropical diseases, ethnic minorities, and the illiterate. Leveraging her technical knowledge and research skills in the areas of stereotypes, discrimination, and socioeconomic equality, Anna's expertise helps develop practical tools, foster inclusive dialogue, and strengthen analytical frameworks to ensure a culture of psychological safety, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.


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