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Mini-me Recruiting is Short-sighted

Business Disability Inclusion is not just about employment but it is a central topic. 

The harsh reality is that 50% of Graduates with disabilities are unemployed. 

They even find it hard to get work placements and internships. Until we bring disability into the mainstream this will not change. 

Recently, in a discussion with a recruiter they spoke honestly and said their clients have an image of what they want and it does not include disability. It was hard to hear but at least finally someone was telling the truth instead of the usual lip service that never goes anywhere. 

Ireland still has a negative cultural attitude towards disability and until we make the cultural shift from Charity model to Human Rights model we are stuck. Students with disabilities are successfully completing education and training and are work ready. However, if businesses continue hiring in a Mini-me fashion, they are missing out on a talent pool which includes a mix of styles, capabilities and approaches that can help ensure that the organisation is capable of success in a global international market.

Clare Kennelly is a Diversity, Disability and Organisational Culture Consultant based in Cork. Additionally, she is passionate about making Cork a leader in Inclusion.

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