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"Insightful, Enjoyable and Uplifting"

Diversein's First Step to Success: How to Fail Workshop took place last Friday at Workplace Wellbeing Day received outstanding feedbacks from attendees.

Diversein hosted one of its kind workshop"First Step to Success: How to Fail" last Friday at Huckletree Dublin 2. World class speakers from various sectors including Aine Mulloy, Co-Founder, Girlcrew; Treasa Spragg, CEO, Revolution Project Ltd and Jen Martin, Psychological Coach, Corporate Trainer presented their tips and practices on failure, mental wellness and resilience.

Additionally, the workshop also included interaction from visitors; networking, social connecting, live polling surveys and energy booster activities including roaming and hugging each other.

Here are some photos and reviews from the workshop:

Thank you for a wonderful and insightful evening. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the speakers and the other lively participants. Well done.
I enjoyed so much Furkan. In simple words it was energetic and interactive. - Vianey Rubio
Thank YOU for organising it, Furkan. A really enjoyable evening with such great energy in the room. I definitely left feeling very inspired and uplifted - you can't beat supportive, female energy! - Jen Martin
I had such FOMO to miss this excellent Diversein event! I recommend following and keeping an eye out for the next -- I know I will! - Liz Maguire

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