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Inclusive Intelligence Online Course is Live Now

Diversein's new online course Inclusive Intelligence: How to Recognize and Practise Inclusive Leadership is officially launched yesterday with an online launch event and webinar with 50 participants.

The webinar marked the launch of the new online course as well as the celebration of the second anniversary of its launch. The founder of Diversein Furkan Karayel also shared her personal remarks on the webinar about the second anniversary of the organisation's foundation.

"Over that last 2 years, we educated 398 people in our workshops, hosted 13 community events, published 138 articles and partnered with more than 40 national and global organisations. Diversein has been the go-to recourse in Irish diversity and inclusion market. It's a proud moment for us to share these achievements with the launch of our newly designed online course Inclusive Intelligence, a new way to recognize and practise inclusive leadership in the workplace. Research shows that diverse teams potentials cannot be achieved without inclusive leaders and inclusive intelligence must be prioritised by the organisations as much as building diverse teams.
I strongly believe that this course will give an unforgettable experience to all current and future leaders who truly care for diversity and inclusion to become inclusive leaders and diversity and inclusion role models."

You can find the details of the course and register #inclusiveintelligence#diversity#inclusion


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