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Dublin Connected Women in Tech Lovers in a Special Conference

Women in Tech Dublin Conference took place on 12-13 Sept in Convention Center. Thousands of tech lovers attended to the conference from all over the world with Ruth Scott's presentation. Here are some of the speakers and key take aways from their talks.

Fionnghuala O'Reilly, NASA Datanaut & Miss Universe Ireland 2019, speaking with Veronique Savard from Verizon Media, Magda Kuraczowska from Women Who CoWork and Furkan Karayel from Diversein

Brenda Romero, BAFTA Winning Game Designer and CEO at Romero Games

"Women’s contributions are rated higher and accepted more often than men. Unless their gender was known. It drops 20%."

"There are great women in tech role models from history. For example, The first programming book was written by a woman, Alexandra Illmer Forsythe. In fact, there were more women in tech than men in early days."

Anita Sands, Tech Director at Symantec

"Diversity is a business imperative that our business are depend on."

"Women in Tech top tips includes Asking others for help, Advertising yourself, Amplifying with other women, Asserting yourself ,Advocating for other women"

Sarah Cunningham, Vice President at Dublin Technology Hub Mastercard

"According to World Economic Forum, 65% of children starting school today will not work in jobs does't exist yet. Key take aways what we can do today, Keep your eye on horizon, never stop learning, increase your suites of tools and believe in yourself. "

Anastasia Dedyukhina, Founder at Consciously Digital

"Innovation requires a calm mind, notification doesn't let innovation.Allow yourself to be bored."

"Multitasking reduce of focus 40%."

"Our devices are great if we can manage them, not they manage us."

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