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20 Diversity Leaders To Watch in 2018

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Global Diversity Leaders are game changers for diversity and inclusion on their organisations. #diversity #inclusion #diversitychampions #diversityleaders

  1. Pamela Hutchinson - Diversity at Bloomberg

  2. MaxineWilliams - Diversity at Facebook

  3. Sandra Healy - Head of Diversity and Inclusion Dublin City University 

  4. Doug Melville - Chief Diversity Officer

  5. Amanda O'Farrell - Diversity at Dublin IT

  6. Mevish Aslam - Entrepreneur

  7. Adaku Ezeudo - Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

  8. Jerrell Moore - Chief Diversity Officer at Spectrum

  9. Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe - Chief Diversity Officer at Global Diversity List

  10. Boo Young Lee - Chief Diversity Officer at Uber

  11. Anne Ravanona - Founder at Global Invest Her

  12. Angela Roseboro - Chief Diversity Officer at Dropbox

  13. Mark Fenton - Diversity and Inclusion Advisor

  14. Carin Taylor - Chief Diversity Officer at Workday

  15. Vanessa Vallely - Founder at Rising Stars

  16. Lisa Mae Brunson - Founder at Wonder Women Tech

  17. Rocío Lorenzo - TEDx Speaker

  18. Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander - Associate Professor of Employment Law & Legal Studies

  19. Atena Hensch - Diversity and Inclusion Leader

  20. Priscilla Baffour - Diversity and Inclusion Leader at ITN

Would you like to add your diversity leader or role model into our list? Tell us in our forum section here.

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