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  • Hi all! David here! Would love to connect virtually or in person to talk all things diversity and inclusion! Catch me on Twitter at @DavidPollardIRL and let's get started! :)
  • My name is Furkan. I am a women in tech and diversity ambassador. I work to improve workplace imbalance. I talk about my own journey into tech world as a woman, solutions to common women in tech issues and courage to more diverse and happy workplaces. You are all welcome to connect me: Web: Twitter: @furkankarayel Linkedin: @karayelfurkan
  • If you are working in technology industry, it's no surprise that you might be the only woman in your team. Leadership seats in technology are occupied by less than 12% of female employees. Researches show that being the only woman in the team leads most women to leave their jobs as they don't feel welcomed by their male counterparts.