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Conference Presentation and Media Skills for Tech Managers

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Irish Academy designs a training course specifically for tech managers/employees to excellence their conference presentation and media skills.

A one-day training course to teach:

  • How to get your message across to a general audience (whether at a conference or in the media)

  • How to prepare (the dos and don’ts)

  • How to structure a presentation

  • How to abstract key points for media interviews

  • How to conduct a media interview about your presentation

...and you will also practice delivering a winning presentation and being interviewed in a radio station!

What are the advantages of this course?

The course will take place in a radio station, giving you a unique opportunity to link theoretical and practical knowledge. Moreover, the number of participants is limited to five people, which allows the trainers to give personalised feedback on enhancing your presentations and maximising the impact you make on your audience. You will also receive the audio of your radio interview, to study after the training, for your own personal reference and reflection.

Why tech managers need proficient communication skills?

Tech managers have an absolute command of the language of their field and are able to analyse and recommend solutions to complex problems. However, they sometimes have a difficulty in putting all of that to one side and communicating with the general public. As job specifications change, managers are expected to make presentations at conferences and enhance the profile of the business and its products. Irish Academy's goal is to help tech managers address these issues. You will learn skills that compliment what you already do, giving you an enhanced ability to represent your company at conferences and in media interviews. This course will give you a great variety of tools to communicate efficiently with your team and the media and help you to fully embrace every part of your challenging job. This course will benefit any manager or potential manager.

Why Irish Academy?

Founded in 1992, the Irish Academy of Public Relations specialises in providing online courses in communications disciplines including Public Relations, Journalism, Event Management, Radio Journalism, Mobile Journalism (MoJo), Radio and Television Presenter Skills. Courses are offered worldwide and are taught in six languages:

English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Arabic.

Irish Academy Training offers a comprehensive suite of Corporate Training and Continuing Professional Development courses, which are taught throughout Ireland and in Eastern Europe. Each training day is specifically tailored to the needs of individual clients. We bring our expert trainers into your organisation to teach you how to communicate effectively, in simple language, to a wide range of stakeholders, via traditional and digital media.

Download brochure for details.

For Registration and More Information:

Irish Academy Training


Harbour View, 7 – 9 Clarence Street, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin,Ireland


Phone: (01) 5175313


Find Irish Academy on social media:

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