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4 Ways to Support Diversein

We are delighted to receive a large volume of interests and supportive emails from you everyday ! For that reason, we prepared a list of ways to support us. Thank you !

We are stronger together !

1- Follow us on Social Media:

Follow and share our social media accounts with your networks.

Connecting people who has the same passion is the best gift you can give !

2- Connect With Our Amazing Ambassadors:

Diversein ambassadors are global diversity leaders who are passionate to bring equality to workplaces with their areas of expertise, Women in Tech, LGBT, disabilities, ethnic and culture and more. They are also members of various organisations. Discover more about them.

  • Furkan Karayel, Women in Tech Ambassador

  • Dawn Leane, Cultural Ambassador

  • Adaku Ezeudo, Ethnic and Culture Ambassador

  • David R. Pullard, Disabilities Ambassador

  • Laura Sánchez, LGBT+ Ambassador

  • Dr. Ruchi Palan, Disabilities Ambassador

  • Rebecca Woodmass, LGBT+ Ambassador

  • Anna Radulovski, Women in Tech Ambassador

  • Mevish Aslam, Inclusive Entrepreneurs Ambassador

3- Vote for us:

We are nominated to multiple international awards programs ! Vote for us to support diversity and inclusion at workplaces globally. We promise, it's easy to vote !

Who are you nominating for the Best Diversity Resource Award? - Nominee Email Address (required) -

  • Digital Female Leadership Awards for our ambassador by Global Female Leadership (Open until 15th August)

4- Become a Diversein Ambassador:

We are very proud to have a diverse team of ambassadors from all over the world !

Diversein ambassadors are volunteered regular contributors to our platform. If you are passionate to improve diversity and inclusion at workplace and interested in a specific area (women in tech, LGBT, ethic, culture, disabilities and more ), please contact us with a short bio from here

We are launching our platform with an event in Dublin at the end of August, next launch event in London and soon in the US/Canada. 


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