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3 Signs of a Toxic Manager

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

In today's fast-paced work environment, having a supportive and encouraging manager can make all the difference in your productivity and overall job satisfaction. However, not all managers are inclusive managers. In fact, some can be very toxic and hard to work with. A toxic manager can create a negative work environment that not only affects your job performance but also your mental health. In this article, we will explore the three signs of a toxic manager, so you can identify these behaviours and take steps to address them in your workplace. By understanding what makes a manager toxic, you can take action to protect your own well-being and create a more positive work environment for yourself and your team.

Here are three signs of toxic managers:

  1. Lack of Communication: A toxic manager may not communicate effectively with their team members. They may withhold important information, be unclear about expectations, or provide little to no feedback. This can create a culture of mistrust and uncertainty among team members.

  2. Micromanaging: A toxic manager may micromanage their team members, closely monitoring their every move and second-guessing their decisions. This can create a sense of insecurity and disempowerment among team members, as well as lead to burnout.

  3. Lack of Accountability: A toxic manager may avoid taking responsibility for their own mistakes, instead blaming others or shifting the blame. This can create a culture of fear and mistrust, where team members are hesitant to speak up or take risks.

If you notice these signs in a manager, it may be a sign of toxicity. It is important to address these issues and work towards creating a more positive and inclusive work environment.

As Diversein, our aim is to turn every manager to an inclusive manager with our unique Inclusive Intelligence framework. Get in touch with us and let's get your inclusion journey started !


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