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Let's Talk About Diversity & Inclusion !

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

Welcome to Diverse In: Global Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Platform

Diversity is a tool to success

We are very excited to launch Global Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Platform. The importance of diversity lies in the fact that according to Harvard Business School research, diverse teams produce better products, better results and happier workplaces.

There is no doubt that future workplaces will be more diverse day by day. Similarly, organisations that don't invest in diversity and inclusion from today, won't be able to attract global talents to produce innovative products and will eventually disappear from the market.

In Diverse in, you will find :

1- How global organisations embrace diversity within their workplaces.

2- Updates from diversity and inclusion events and resources globally.

3- Global diversity and inclusion ambassadors to watch.

4- Members forum to interact with diversity related issues.

And more ...

Is your organisation diverse enough? Join us today and share your story in our forum section.

First 50 members will get a chance to contribute to first issue of Diverse In magazine in September !

Stay Diverse !

Furkan Karayel

Diverse In Ambassador


Linkedin: @karayelfurkan

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