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Using Tech to Build Community

Tech For Good Dublin to host a special event aims to discuss 'Using Tech to Build Community' on April 25th Thursday.

It's hard to believe that the first social network, MySpace, only launched in 2003! Since then we've seen tech's immense power to connect people and create communities (virtual and in real life). While there is no replacement for spending time with people in real life, technology can remove barriers of distance and facilitate contact between communities of 'interest'. Given recent debates about the danger of social networks like Facebook being too big and too monolithic ,there is again an interest in the power and benefits of more niche, bespoke online communities underpinned by shared values. But what does success look like for a thriving online community and what are the challenges to overcome?

Format: After presentations from the guest speakers we'll have time for an informal question and answer session and discussion. We'll also have our usual free tea/coffee and doughnuts and time to catch-up with old and new pals.


Sharon Tigue Sharon is head of social and community strategy at Everymum (the new name for EUMum). She co–ordinates the online journey of over 300,000 mothers registered with Ireland’s largest parenting community and organises events and content to support parents. She will share her tips for building a learning and supportive community.

Elva Carri Elva is one of the founders of Irish start-up GirlCrew - a platform for women to make new friends and have a 'crew' for real world socialising. Last year it raised almost $1 million (€810,000) in a seed funding round to fund expansion across the United States. The women-only social network has developed and launched their own online platform and IOS/Android apps to connect thousands of women in cities across the globe. Elva will share the story so far and some of the challenges and benefits of creating their own bespoke social network.

Date: Thursday, April 25, 2019 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Venue: AIB, Grafton St, Dublin 2

Free Registration: Link

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