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OPEN HOUSE: Microsoft Advertising is Looking for You

Are you looking for new and exciting career opportunities in a global organisation ? We have a great news for you !

Microsoft Advertising (MSA) - Europe is hosting an open house event virtually to help you better understand the types of positions within MSA Europe, as well as the culture Microsoft work very hard to create. You are invited to join this open house event also to discover what diversity and inclusion mean at MSA, how MSA create a community where you can find a sense of belonging!

Breakout Networking Session (optional): 25-minute breakout session to network and connect with Managers and functional experts on open roles and their lived experience.

Open Roles include:

  • Sales Leadership​

  • Account Executive ​

  • Account Manager ​

  • Business Development

  • Marketing Leadership​

  • Marketing Executive ​

  • Product Manager ​

  • Communications & PR Executive

  • Technical Leadership ​

  • Support Engineer​

  • Software Engineer​

  • Technical Account Manager

  • Operations Leadership​

  • Project/ Program Mgr ​

  • Sales Strategy​

  • Business Manager ​

  • Learning & development

  • Analytics Leadership​

  • Program Manager ​

  • Research Manager ​

  • Business Strategy​

  • Data Scientist ​

  • Business Analyst

OPEN HOUSE: Microsoft Advertising (MSA) - Europe

Date: 20th October 2022 Thursday 1:00 PM (Europe/Budapest)

Duration: 70 minutes

Type: Virtual


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