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Meet The Champions in Dublin

The Event of Champions is coming to Dublin with World Class Speakers, Content Rich, Life Changing Information including people from around the world. This event promises to be unforgettable! The Event of Champions offers you high-energy, mega-impact, real-world knowledge that is empowering, inspiring and immersive. It’s thrilling to be among the chosen for 3 days.

At the Event of Champions, you get up close and personal with our speakers as you learn from those who have accomplished their dreams, form possible collaborations, joint ventures and leave with the knowledge that you can immediately implement for success. Our ‘Champions Hour’ can give you the opportunity to showcase your business before the entire audience. As you engage in our Private Dinner and Private Mastermind, you can network with the BEST & BIGGEST names in Personal Development, Financial Education, Law, Marketing, Networking, Entrepreneurship, and Sales as you learn how to start, build, run and grow a successful business or brand both locally and internationally.

Date: 1-3 November 2019

Venue: To be Confirmed

Registration: Link

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