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How To Be a Diversein Contributor?

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Recently we have been asked about this question a lot from many people so that we wanted to write a post about it.

Firstly, there are many benefits of writing an article for Diversein:

1- Delivering your message to organic audience:

As we Diversein have an organically growing audience who are passionate about every aspect of diversity and inclusion in a global perspective.

2- Being an advocate for your background:

We believe in that diverse voices enrichen communities. As Diversein we give you an opportunity to represent and become an advocate for your identity/background on the online world.

3- Being an authority in your area of expertise:

Publishing your article in Diversein where a strong team of different backgrounds gather and share is a great way to build your professional profile in your area of expertise.

6 Steps to Become a Diversein Contributor

6 Steps to Become a Diversein Contributor:

1- Headshot photo for author profile:

We create an account for you at Diversein platform to post your article with your profile.

2- Copyright free high-resolution media image:

High-resolution image size must be 1000x1000. Here are some websites you can find copyright free images.

We suggest to use images with people in them as they are more likely be to read.

For More options:

Diversein holds the right to change the image for the article if the provided photo doesn't match into standards.

3- Reviewed content:

The article content must be reviewed and submitted without spelling mistakes.

Diversein holds the right to change the article title.

4- Event summary (If applicable):

If your content includes event, provide a clear message after the article with the following information.




Registration Link:

5- Author's short bio:

Provide a brief 50-100 short bio including links.

6- Contact us:

Send above information and any questions to

Diversein Sample Article Format


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