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Jan 29, 2021
In Issues
Follow the below steps to fix your Epson printer in error state. Make sure that the power cord of your printer is connected to the switchboard properly and the power board is in working condition. Now you need to confirm that the USB cable is connected properly to your PC and that there’s no problem with the USB cable. You can try using another USB, the one that is working fine. If yours is a wireless printer, then make sure your printer is properly connected to the wireless network. Try restarting the WiFi and check if that fixes your issue. Print a test page and check the printout for any issues. Update printer drivers and the Windows operating system. Scan your computer for malware and viruses. At last, cancel all the pending print jobs and restart your printer as well as PC. If the above steps don't fix your issue, then read our complete troubleshooting guide about the Epson printer in an error state issue. For quick assistance contact our Epson Support experts and let them fix your printer instead.


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