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Men as Allies: Partnering for Inclusion

Hira Ali and Robert Baker, two acknowledged global thought leaders on allyship and inclusion, are delighted to announce today a ground-breaking new allyship and leadership program: "Men As Allies: Partnering for Inclusion". This program features an innovative cross-cultural and intersectional approach to allyship. It empowers potential allies to transcend good intentions and embrace meaningful action.

Hira and Robert have developed this program because one of the most pressing challenges organisations face today is building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace and male allies can play a huge part in accelerating progress. However, a major hurdle is persuading predominantly male leaders to acknowledge allyship for inclusion as a critical business issue: one that demands high-level attention, spearheaded from the top, rather than dismissing it as a discretionary "nice to have" or "compliance"; initiative imposed by HR.   Until now, the challenge has been sourcing profoundly expert and experienced external support for this cultural and personal transformation—a support system grounded in extensive corporate experience and the cutting-edge cross-cultural and intersectional perspectives necessary to engage today's diverse global workforce effectively.   his is why Hira and Robert have collaborated on their new Program: "Men As Allies: Partnering for Inclusion". They have used their extensive expertise and experience to deliver value through innovative features and differentiators for this program, including:  

Comprehensive Guidance: Embark on a steady and progressive learning journey through a six-part program designed to facilitate sustained growth over a minimum of five months.

Collaborative Coaching Circles: Engage in collective problem-solving through group coaching sessions, tapping into diverse perspectives to effectively navigate challenges. Intersectionality and Intercultural Intelligence at the Core: Develop a nuanced understanding of intersectionality and cultivate a comprehensive grasp of allyship and inclusive leadership by delving into an in- depth exploration of intercultural communication. 

Expert Facilitators, Coaches and Guest Speakers: Benefit from a highly experienced and diverse team, committed to fostering participants'; understanding and growth. Mentorship and Collaboration:  Transform goals and commitments into meaningful actions through a tripartite collaboration that includes participants, their appointed mentors, and their mentees.

A Focus on Accountability: Support leaders to hold themselves accountable for delivering on their commitments and driving change.   Speaking about the new program Robert said “ Organisations need to step up to take allyship and inclusive leadership seriously as business issues, so I’m delighted to be collaborating with Hira on this innovative program to help them do that.”

Hira commented:

“Allyship is a crucial leadership skill that fosters inclusion. When integrated into organisational culture, it becomes a collective responsibility, starting at the top and cascading down to all levels. I'm thrilled to collaborate with Robert in this exciting new program, empowering men to make a meaningful and sustainable impact.”


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