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Jul 19, 2018

Disabilities Ambassador

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Edited: Jul 19, 2018

Hi all!


David here! Would love to connect virtually or in person to talk all things diversity and inclusion!


Catch me on Twitter at @DavidPollardIRL and let's get started! :)

Oct 18

The ambassador of disability is launched and proposed for the soft image of society. The role of the representative and reliable is approved for the fixed approach for the citizens. The credentials of the man are reformed for the stint for the candidates. the ambassador is quite trained and equipped for the provision of the skills for the country.

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  • My name is Furkan. I am a women in tech and diversity ambassador. I work to improve workplace imbalance. I talk about my own journey into tech world as a woman, solutions to common women in tech issues and courage to more diverse and happy workplaces. You are all welcome to connect me: Web: Twitter: @furkankarayel Linkedin: @karayelfurkan