Hi there !  My name is Furkan Karayel,

My story is all about women-in-tech, diversity and female entrepreneurship.  I founded Diversein after spending more than 10 years in tech companies as a software engineer. 


Started my childhood dream job 2 weeks after my graduation from Athlone Institute of Technology. The life was good ! Then I realised that in tech industry, women were minority at work and in the leadership . Women with different background in the leadership didn't even exist at all ! This was my wakeup call... and I had to do something about it ! 


After long considerations, I found myself in another journey where I was in minority again and yet this time, with so many unknowns: Entrepreneurship.


My motto in life is 

"Discover, share and inspire!" 

In the last 2 years, I spoke at more than 60 conferences, workshops, events or podcasts about women in tech, women in leadership, female entrepreneurship issues as well as the power of diversity and inclusion at workplace. 


Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin, Twitter or find out more about me on


I look forward to meeting you!

Warm Regards,

Furkan Karayel


Our Mission

We develop sustainable strategies for companies to build inclusive and happier workplace cultures with their authenticity.

Our Vision

to become the No:1 resource for diversity and inclusion globally.

Our Ambassadors
Furkan Karayel
Women in Tech Ambassador
Furkan is a women in tech, diversity and female founders ambassador. Managing Director of with a background in software engineering. Honoured with "Trailblazer" and "Diversity Role Model in Business" awards.
Dawn Leane
Culture Ambassador, Ireland
Adaku Ezeudo
Ethnic & Cultural Inclusion Ambassador, Ireland
Laura Sánchez
LGBT Ambassador, USA
David R. Pollard
Disabilities Ambassador, Ireland
Dr. Ruchi Palan
Disabilities Ambassador, Ireland
Anna Radulovski
Women in Tech Ambassador, Luxembourg
David Watters
LGBT Ambassador, Ireland
Christina Lynch
Women in Tech Ambassador, Ireland
Florence Kwok
Women in Tech Ambassador, USA
Women In Tech & Media Ambassador, USA
Deborah Somorin
Diversity in Business Ambassador, Ireland
NIcaise Ishimwe
Women in Tech Ambassador, Ireland
Evelyn Nomayo
Women in Tech Ambassador, Ireland
Naheed Afzal
Women in Tech Ambassador, UK
Silvija Delekovcan
Cultural, Experiential and Age Ambassador,Ireland
Juliet Rausch
Ethnic and Culture Ambassador, Canada
Magdalena Kuraczowska
Diversity in Business Ambassador, Ireland
Jen Martin
Linguistic Inclusion Ambassador
Adrian Whelan
Diversity in Business Ambassador, Ireland
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Diversity in Business Ambassador, Ireland